We Are MarVyn

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough

We are a family of four preparing to move aboard our boat, MarVyn.  Our intent is to sail it through the waters and islands of the Caribbean, figuring out how to live together peacefully and slowly as we go.  Our family has been child-focused from the first day of our girls’ lives, so it’s only fitting that the name MarVyn is a combination of our daughters’ names, Marley and Evyn.  Our boat is a Voyage 440 catamaran.  Shortly after we bought the boat, Clint’s mother researched the name MarVyn and found that it means “traveling friend who arrives by sea.” We thought that sounded good!

Clint Stoever, husband and dad extraordinaire!  Clint originally is a central Pennsylvania boy but developed a love of rock and ice climbing that took him to New Hampshire and then Utah.  It was in Utah that he found mountain biking and Erin, and the three of them together formed a life that eventually landed him in Florida.  It was there, at Matanzas Inlet, that Clint developed a fascination with live aboard sailboats and the rest is history!  Now he’s moved from school counselor to full-time repairman aboard MarVyn and can’t wait to start his own flotilla of high-maintenance vessels!

Erin Scales is a Florida native who swam before she walked.  Though she wandered to the deserts of New Mexico and Utah, her heart never really left the water.  When Clint suggested sailing away she was all in!  Erin worked hard to build a professional life which she now leaves behind in order to explore the world with her family.  One big goal in this life change for Erin is to find patience and mindfulness.  Here’s to hoping eternal waves will help her find it!

Evyn Stoever

Marley Stoever