Why We Write

There are many sailing blogs out there. Who knew there were so many families deciding to shed their land life and move to a life afloat? But there are. And dozens of these families maintain blogs. So we’re nothing new, except that I’m hoping to keep our blog interesting to a broader audience than just those fascinated by our decision or interested in sailing. Our family has decided as a group to create this blog (though the leg work has been no one’s but mine, ahem). The content, we hope, will be broad and lively. A menagerie, of sorts.
As you can see, our menu includes general information on our blog, but also a sorting of our writings by author. In other words, if you wish to follow Marley and her nine-year-old musings,  I’m hoping to allow you to simply click on her tab.
We write because we have things to say.
We write because we hope our thoughts will be of some interest. This blog should be like a conversation, though the give and take is delayed, perhaps strained, but not insurmountable. We’re leaving land but not leaving life. We hope to find more life than we’ve known to date and we want to explore it as humans typically do. With interactions with our fellow humans, discussions of what we’ve just seen and done and where that took our minds and our hearts.

More life to come…

1 thought on “Why We Write”

  1. I’m loving your blog. Can’t wait to see something from the girls. The bread looks and sounds yummy. Made pecan sandies yesterday and thought of the hundreds that we’ve made over the years. Can’t wait for the next post. Here’s to wind in your sails.


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