Borrowed Treasure

The phrase “It’s the thought that counts” has become palpable to me recently.  Always this had implied that the effort made was unsuccessful or somehow fell short of expectations.  I now have a new appreciation of the words, though.  My family and I were given the gift of friendship in the months leading up to our departure.  We met someone who became very important to us as a family but also to each of us individually in a unique way.  At departure we were given a gift by this friend, one which brought Clint and me to tears.  The thing given was priceless. But it was the thought that counts.

IMG_1208This amulet has traveled many miles and was given to our friend in a time of great change in his life.  It has served him well and we are incredibly honored to have it shepherd us on this voyage.  It sits at the base of our mast and supports our boat as well as our hearts.

Tonight I am missing this friend and wishing him well.  To all of you, I wish you the beauty of a friendship where it’s the thought that counts.

5 thoughts on “Borrowed Treasure”

  1. I’m so excited for you guys! This is amazing! I will definitely be keeping up with your adventures, and wish all of you a safe and amazing journey!

    Jen Putnam 😘


  2. Dr Scales although I miss you terribly as my wonderful physician and friend, I’m very happy and excited for your journey!!! And, who knows you may just find me swimming up to you in the months to come!! I send Blessings to you & your family today and throughout the upcoming year.


  3. I know it took tons of preparation and planning but now you are in Marsh Harbor beginning your live aboard life and turning your dream into memories! Enjoyed reading the posts you have written so far. You write very well! So happy for you guys and look forward to following your adventures!
    Best, Ed


  4. …and while your in that neck of the Bahamas, try to make time to cross the sound and visit Hope Town. Beautiful village, beaches and lighthouse.


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