Why Pole Dancing Doesn’t Pay

My name is Erin and my daughters are pole dancers.

There’s no way to deny it.  It’s something I encourage.  It seems to make them happy.  It’s good exercise.  And they’re pretty good at it.IMG_0962

The rigging on our boat has something called a baby stay.  It’s a thick metal line that runs inside of a loose-fitting sleeve from nearly the top of our mast to the forward middle of the boat.  It helps to stabilize our mast and can serve as a place to run an extra sail if needed.  Our daughters, however, have turned it into their own pole for dancing.  IMG_0967They’ve improved their core and upper body strength and flexibility.  They create dancing shows around the pole.  When we arrive in new ports, pass a boat under way, or when a new boat arrives near us at an anchorage, the girls both run out to the pole to greet them by showing off their mad skills.

Marley has wanted to give Clint and me classes in pole dancing for some time now, and we finally started her lessons two days ago.  She has deemed us both beginners.  I’m not sure if that’s an insult or compliment but she says it with some condescension.  We started with trying to learning a simple arm hang and body spin.  Quickly we were able to add in a hip swing to propel us around the bar one more time.  IMG_1075She was impressed with her students and decided to give us a free swing.  I, of course, decided that I would try something fun, so I grasped the pole with a split grip, angled my body, ran to the side and pushed off.  I figured it would be much like Neo in The Matrix when he plants his pole and spins around sideways to kick all the Agent Smiths, running in a circle on their faces.  Yep, that’s actually what I had in mind.  Instead, due only to the fact that the pole angles steeply toward the mast and not at all related to the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing on a pole, something went a little wrong.  And I dislocated my elbow.  No tear.  No break.  Just a simple radial head dislocation that I was able to relocate pretty quickly as I sat rocking on the deck while Clint fretted about what might have happened.  (Please note that he already had sustained his own injury and now sports a huge bruise on his left hip).  So now I’m moving gingerly and can’t carry the groceries from our provisioning.  Actually, I can’t even pick up my coffee cup yet, but it’s all good.  At least I didn’t have to explain to an ER doctor in the Bahamas how I dislocated my arm while pole dancing on my boat.  I think I’ll leave the swinging to the kids from now on!



12 thoughts on “Why Pole Dancing Doesn’t Pay”

  1. Ouch! Sorry about the bruise and the dislocated elbow….this is the real world of growing older! I always think I can still do what I used to be able to do, and then reality sets in, as it did with you. I think you’re smart to leave the pole dancing to the girls. I’ve seen them do it and they’re darn good at it! This mom/grandmother is pretty glad that you have a full-time doc on board. Carry on, MarVyn.


  2. E for Effort Erin! 😳 Sorry about the injury but proud of you and I loved reading the blog. I do need to be honest I dint expect an injury. BE safe and continue to embrace and enjoy the blessing of your family journey! WOW! ❤️


  3. loved this yer. you’re great at making your “little booboo” into something practically comical. laughed out loud several times. can totally picture the 2 mermaids pole dancing and hope i get the chance at my own private lesson from the experts. i will wear padding. love!! and so glad to know where to follow your adventures now… xxxooo


    1. I advise a view from the cheap seats. Passivity is much less dangerous, but front row observation leads to kicks to the face, so…
      Thanks for putting your missing word post on fb. It helped me find you and it reminded me to put some of my stuff on fb. I couldn’t figure out how to follow you but I’ve got it now! I’ll be emailing you back soon, too. So much love to you!!!


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