Just Squiddin’ Around


The Bahamas was our home for about ten weeks.  Given the enormity of the experience it seems like it was a lot longer than that.  We were in so many different anchorages, saw so many islands, dived and hiked so many varied environments, and met so many interesting people that it’s hard to imagine that it all happened in just a handful of weeks.  No wonder we seem exhausted so often!  From the beginning of this journey our time has been packed.  It seems like a good time to take a breath, then, and share with you a simple series of photos with short captions showing some of the things we’ve seen.  To this point we’ve shared only a fraction of our photos and stories, so for today, put on your lifejacket and get ready to ooh and ahh as you scroll through the Bahamas with us.

Love the giant starfish everywhere here!  (Manjack Cay)
Believe it or not, inside this fin is a deep red caribbean octopus snuggled up to his buddy the purple companion fish. Modern housing! (Manjack Cay)
Sailing time provides snuggle time. Love it.
So confident and capable! (Abacos)

The above collage is from our time on Green Turtle Cay.  We checked into the Bahamas here.  It’s a quaint island using golf carts as the primary mode of transportation, especially for tourists.  (Does anybody else think perhaps they are trying to keep us controlled by giving us the low-power, slow, and generally limited method for getting around?  Pretty smart people!)  When we rented it, the lady told me I could take it anywhere except on the beaches.  I took her at her word.  We travelled up hills that I didn’t know a golf cart could handle, down gullies created by hurricanes, and from one tip of the island to the other.  We laughed and bounced our way through Green Turtle and had the sore bottoms and happy hearts to prove it

Our girls have become known throughout the Bahamas for their coconut cracking skills.  This was their first.  After I told Evyn I didn’t think she would be able to get her way through the thick green husk she promptly started wailing on it with a conch shell, then spent about 20 minutes cutting the underlying fibers with her father’s knife and pulling them back one bit at a time to reveal the large nut underneath which she then cracked with her handy conch shell.  A celebratory (and “told ya so”) drink of fresh coconut water followed and she was hooked.  (The dock was in the same spot and while this photo is stunning it doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the location.  It was like a dream!)

Our first on-land experience in the Bahamas and Marley found a basketball court complete with ball.  We had a great family game!!

Our first stop in the Bahamas.  Great Sail Cay.  The girls (and boy) were so excited to be able to swim!!!  There was a photo included here that was nixed by the subject (it was of Marley who swam naked and had her little behind showing as she swung on the halyard.  She was too embarrassed to allow me to use it.)


Protected iguanas in the Exumas Land and Sea Park


Aaaaah, reaching with a screecher is the best!


Ye olde gaolIMG_1405

Old fashioned playground!!!  You remember these arm-breaking machines, right?IMG_1400

Dance platform at a restaurant in Rock SoundIMG_1397

The girls fixing dinner for us without us asking while we moved the boat! Growth!IMG_0134IMG_1376

Island animal love has been an ongoing theme!IMG_0128

Found and commandeered


Entering Eleuthra



Christmas snuggles at Staniel Cay

Above: Christmas negotiations at Staniel Cay, getting dressed up for Christmas dinner, snuggly Christmas presents named Cheapie and Elizabeth, Key playing, family time, Naussau grouper (caught and released)IMG_0333

Because there is always another beautiful sunset, it seems!

One of my favorites—Rudder Cut Cay


Warderick Wells in the Land and Sea Park, whale skeleton


Blow holes!


Lee Stocking/Williams CayDSCN0860

Forces of nature


And another


David Copperfield’s piano and mermaid just south of Rudder Cut Cay


Ocean bottom, photo taken from above the water if you can believe it!


More of Rudder Cut


Chat ‘n’ Chill—’nuff said


Lee Stocking/Williams Cay


Evidence of a full day of coconut harvesting, including the tools used.  Yummy!


One of our friends and his shirt.  Ha!


Octopus Marley found on shore and wrapped around her foot trying to get it back into the water.  So cool!DSCN0841

Another of Marley’s many finds—-world’s smallest shell?  Taken through magnifying glass.


Rudder Cut caves again

Hiking on Rudder Cut, the Atlantic.DSCN0702

Because if you’ve made it this far you deserve another beautiful sunset!

2 thoughts on “Just Squiddin’ Around”

  1. These are magnificent! All of you look so relaxed and happy, and that makes my ❤️ happy. Can’t wait for more.


  2. These are the most amazing pictures of your adventure. The trip of a lifetime with family and making memories with family and new friends is what life is all about. I wish I could be a stowaway on your sailboat. Enjoy your adventure and be safe. Custer.


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