Gettin’ Real in Hope Town

Our expected path when we departed Marsh Harbour was toward Tilloo Cay on the southern tip of Elbow Cay.  Marsh Harbour had been a good provisioning and storm-weathering stop, but it was rather disappointing otherwise, so we were feeling an upswing in mood when we pulled anchor.  IMG_1345We crossed the waters to the mouth of Hope Town Harbour under sail only, dropping them as we moved into the shallow waters between islands to turn further south.  As we made our turn we noted that the boat in front of us was doing donuts.  And the boat looked familiar.  The girls’ new boat bestie and her parents had just come out to test some recently completed motor work, but their presence and especially their donuts were our herald!  We decided to alter course and spend the night right there in Hope Town.

Bahamian charm at its best!


It was a Sunday so the town was closed, minus a walk up window-style eatery and a liquor store.  Of course.  But the town immediately took us in, charming us with its narrow streets lined by a complete painter’s palette of old island homes.  We were so enamored that we elected to stay through the next morning to explore the town when it was working.

The Hope Town Lighthouse was on our list of must-see places.

One of our favorite finds was Vernon’s which is listed as a grocery store but appears to serve more as the town bakery.  While jogging Monday morning I noted a line of locals outside the door and figured they must know something, so we returned later in the morning to buy a hot, fresh-from-the-oven loaf of coconut bread which was devoured shortly after purchase!  On the door we found some stickers which added to the love we had developed for Hope Town.  Who knew Hope Town could so eloquently live up to its name?  Here’s to a beautiful town, Vernon’s bread, and some beautiful sentiments!

‘Nuff Said
I couldn’t resist taking one of the whole spread!

A few more images from a wonderful 24 hours!

Cholera Cemetery—1800s epidemic, 100 estimated buried here—but otherwise, beautiful hill and view!
MarVyn is on a mooring just above my wrist.
Christmas is BIG in Hope Town! Yeah!
Hope Town Lighthouse dressed up for Christmas. Fireworks from the dock at night! (Yikes!)
From our lighthouse climb


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Real in Hope Town”

  1. Magnificent pictures! What a happy coincidence to find your new friends. You probably don’t remember, but one of our first stops was always for Bahama bread. It wasn’t coconut, but it was yummy. One of the great treats of the Bahamas. Love the Christmas palms! You’re in my heart, mind and prayers daily. Love you.


  2. I am so happy to see you are living your dream as a family! Hope town and Tahitti Beach are some of my favorite places in Abaco. If you get the chance, stop by Man-O-War. It is a great settlement with a strong Bahamian history. I will keep an eye out for your post….a new kind of Bahamian adventure for me.


    1. Thanks, Karen! We’re loving the new life. Hope Town indeed was fabulous. We could have stayed much longer! The girls were so excited to see you are following! We hope you are well and wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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